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GENERAL: This is a complete Accounts Receivable and Scheduling program. It is designed to quickly and easily perform the administrative tasks involved in these functions. It produces daily schedules, invoices, billing statements and a variety of management and accounting reports.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: An IBM compatible computer and printer.

EASE OF USE: The program is very easy to use (menu driven throughout) and very fast. Items such as Customers, Frequency of Service, Type of Service and Chemicals Used are selected using pop up help windows where you simply highlight the item desired and press enter.

 HOW MANY COMPANIES: The program can handle up to twenty-six pest control companies (data sets) on the company selection menu. There will always be at least two companies available on the menu: your company and the PRACTICE COMPANY. Using the Practice Company, you can do all of the functions of the program and experiment in any way you like without affecting your real company data.

HOW MANY CUSTOMERS: The number of customers is unlimited (provided there is available disk space.) The system uses about 8 megabytes of disk space per 1000 customers. The actual program files take less than 1 megabyte.

CUSTOMER GENERAL INFORMATION: Each customer's general information record contains a service name, address and telephone, and a billing name, address and phone. It also contains information such as route, frequency of service, day of service, type of service, usual time, rate, sales tax, terms, warranty and customer type. Frequency, day of service, type of service, warranty and customer type are all selected from pop up help windows.

FREQUENCY: Frequency can be weekly, twice monthly, monthly, every two months, every three months, every four months, every six months, annually, weeks between dates or call in.

TYPE OF SERVICE: You can define as many different types of service as you wish. These services are stored in an alphabetical list, which pops up for selection. The program comes with about twenty services already defined. Some examples are: Flea Treatment, Lawn Spraying, and Termite Inspection.

CUSTOMER NOTES: Another complete screen (20 lines) of notes is provided for each customer. The program can print as many lines of these notes as you wish on the daily route schedules

CUSTOMER TRANSACTIONS: For each customer, the system can maintain the last ninety (90) transactions on file (normally enough for several years of history). A transaction consists of a charge or a payment, and includes the date, invoice number, customer order or check number and the amount. You can view or edit these transactions at any time.

CHEMICAL USE TRACKING: You can maintain a history of the last 100 chemical uses for each customer. Each entry contains the date, the chemical used and the quantity. Chemical use is posted through the daily schedule and you can view or edit the customer's chemical history at any time.

DAILY SCHEDULES: When you select scheduling, you will immediately see the number of customers missed and the dates on which they were scheduled displayed in red. You can generate new schedules one day at a time, or using the block-scheduling mode, you can generate schedules for any period up to 90 days from the current date. Previously computed schedules are displayed in a scrolling window. You simply select the day you want to work with by highlighting and pressing enter. The schedule will then be displayed on the screen. With a schedule active, you can quickly and easily do such things as:


        Change any schedule entry.

        Delete a customer from the schedule.

        Reschedule a customer to another date.

        Add any customer to the schedule.

        Print the schedule.

        Print invoices (service reports).

        Post chemical use.

        Post the charges individually, by route or for the entire schedule all at once.


When a customer's charges are posted, the customer is removed from the schedule. A daily schedule will not go away (i.e. stays in the list of computed schedules) so long as a single customer remains. This provides an airtight method of preventing anything from slipping through the crack".

PRINTED SCHEDULES: Schedules for a particular route and day can be printed in a single line per customer format or in a multiple line per customer format showing more information. The single line version is useful for planning purposes (use for calling customers to verify dates), and the multiple line version is recommended for the actual day of service. There are also additional configuration options for the printed schedules.

SERVICE REPORTS (INVOICES): No special forms are required by this program. Everything can be done on plain paper (or paper with preprinted letterheads). Three sections of the invoice (26 lines) can be designed by the user and can contain anything you want. You can also have three completely different sets of invoice designs, and switch sets between print runs. Several other parts of the service reports are also configurable by choosing available options.

PAYMENTS: When you receive payments, you select the Post Payments function and select the customer. The program will show the customer balance as the default payment amount. if this is the actual amount of the payment, then you just accept it. If not, then you enter the amount actually paid.

FORECASTS: You can compute a forecast of services scheduled (including dollar sales) between any two dates. The forecast can cover a week, a month, a quarter or any other time period you choose. The forecast is saved in a file which remains available until it is replaced by a new forecast. Once a forecast file has been computed, reports can be created in a wide variety of formats.

POSTCARD NOTIFICATION: Postcards (and mailing labels) can be printed providing advance notification to customers of scheduled services. Postcards can be printed using the forecast file (covering multiple dates) or a daily schedule (covering a single date).

REPORTS: An extensive report generating capability is included. Most reports can be printed or viewed on the screen. Some of the reports available are outlined below:

AGING REPORT: Three types of aging reports are available:

        Including all customers.

        Only customers with non zero balances.

        Past due customers only.

GENERAL LEDGER POSTINGS: Shows the debit or credit postings to be made to the General Ledger from the Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger. This is a monthly report, and is available for the current month and any prior month.

SELECTED TRANSACTIONS CODE: This is a very flexible report. You select a single transaction type (such as FLEA TREAMENT) and a time block. You can then get a summary report (route totals only) or a detailed report, which will then show every transaction in the system that meets the criteria. You can further limit the report by route or customer type. Some examples are:

        All lawn sprays for route # 1 last month.

        All payments received last quarter.

        All flea treatments for route #3 last week.


the same way as report described above.  Examples are:

        All service sales for last two weeks.

        All sales tax collected last month.

SPECIAL CUSTOMER LISTS: This report extracts customer lists, and can discriminate by route, frequency, service, guarantee and customer type.

CHEMICAL USE REPORTS: The two types of reports available are:

        Complete chemical history (up to 100) for a single customer.

        A report covering all use of a single chemical (by route if desired) between any two dates. 

BILLING: Statements and mailing labels can be produced individually, for a range of customers, or for all customers. You can also elect to print statements only for past due customers.

QUICK JUMP & QUICK VIEW: The Quick Jump feature allows you to quickly switch between the main functions of the software without working through the main menu system. Quick View is available whenever you are working with a single customer. With Quick View, you can instantly view a customer's General Information, Notes, Transaction History or Chemical History overlaid on the current screen.

WARRANTY: Try the program for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, return it for a complete refund of the purchase price.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: You get permanent telephone technical support.


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